Ego Trip Swimsuit Soirée Recap

This past Friday, I was lucky enough to make it to an incredible plus size fashion event during Miami Swim Week, the Ego Trip Swimsuit Soirée! It was my first time at a plus size event, and I felt like I had died and gone to curvy heaven!

The event was hosted by the bold and trendy swimsuit brand, Curvy Fox at the rooftop pool at Royal Palms South Beach. It featured a live DJ, signature cocktails, bites, and of course giveaways! They also invited special guests and Instagram influencers Audrey Ritchie, Candince Kelly, and Alexandra Blaire.

And even though it was raining cats and dogs the day of the pool party, they lived up to their motto “Rain or Shine” The show carried on indoors and was full of lovely babes, a ton of dancing, yummy food and drinks galore!

Overall, it was an absolutely fun event, I definitely had a blast! For my readers out there, if you are in Miami next year, or are able to come, definitely keep an eye out and cross your fingers, they may just hold a pool party next year! I am already stoked to see what it’s store. There you have it lovers, Ego Trip Swimsuit Soirée 2017!

All my love,

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