It’s My Birthday! Time for a Giveaway…

Hey, now…Today is my 23rd birthday and it’s been a wild year! It has been so sweet to wake up to the onslaught of messages from all of my favorite people all at once. For anyone/everyone who has reached out via text, call, Facebook message/post, Snapchat, Instagram…thank you. It means the world and I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for all of you. As well as acknowledge the suffering and lives lost of our Native brothers and sisters. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Thank you for the encouragement you give so freely.

Today’s post is to be s bit different: 23 things you might not know about me (in celebration of turning 23, get it?). Be sure to check out the giveaways at the end of the post that is a roundup of a bunch of my favorite things!

  1. I’m a 22-year-old proud Venezuelan girl with a lot of American gratitude.
  2. I’m currently getting my Bachelors in Photography.
  3. I swear I need books just as much as I need air and water.
  4. I have an obsession with pins and I’m not one bit ashamed.
  5. I’m a VERY picky eater. Just ask my friends and they’ll tell you all about it.
  6. Water is my favorite drink ever!
  7. I go through candles and chocolate like it’s nobodies business.
  8. I’m continuously impressed and inspired by others.
  9. I once broke a toe into 3 parts and had to wear one of those astronaut-looking boots.
  10. I’m afraid of needles.
  11. I’m an over analyzer to a fault. It’s hard for me to turn off my brain and just go with the flow.
  12. Buying and making gifts is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Nothing makes me happier than finding (or making) the perfect thing for someone.
  13. I cry at EVERY SINGLE movie. Yes, even the happy ones. I literally can’t help it.
  14. When I meet someone, I know in about 3 seconds if I like them or not.
  15. I wear the same earrings every day because I am allergic to just about everything I put in my ears.
  16. I’ve read 156 books so far this year.
  17. I am petrified of insects. Yes, even butterflies.
  18. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now. My first blog was book-related.
  19. I’ve never seen Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Please don’t kill me.
  20. I can’t eat spicy food. Even Hot Cheetos are too much for me.
  21. I have a drivers license but I rarely (if not ever) drive.
  22. I watch HDTV every day. Fixer Upper is life.
  23. This has been the most rewarding year of my life to date.

Who’s ready for a giveaway?!

-Curvy Couture gift card ($200)
-Boxycharm Box
-Custom Illustration
-Torrid gift card ($100)
-Lush Sweetest Thing Box
-Custom Illustration
-Forever 21 gift card ($100)
-Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe
-Custom Illustration
All my love,