Romper Weather

This is a remainder to do you and stop letting society’s distorted ideals poison your wardrobe and mind.

Torrid Round Sunglasses | Aeropostale Junior Plus Size Romper 12 (Sold Out, Similar)

It’s always super hot and humid in Florida, but we had our 3 days of winter about a week ago. (I’m 100% sure this is the hottest winter we’ve ever experienced.) And if there’s something you learn while living here is that our weather is quite uncertain. How will we ever know how to dress if it’s 30in the morning (Yes, that’s cold for us. Scratch that, we start to freak out if it’s below 60.) and 80 in the afternoon?! Well, I opted for a cute long sleeve romper to solve the dilemma.

This romper is awesome because it has thin minimal fabric and even though it has log sleeves, it has maximum airflow. Making it perfect when the temperature drops.

On another note, I believe this is the third or fourth romper I’ve owned since I joined the body positive movement and while I had my doubts, it’s still a thrilling experience. No longer having to fake my comfort will never get old.

All my love,

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